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Kombucha is currently the most appraised functional drink on the global world market. It is a delicious and naturally fizzy non-alcoholic drink that contains vitamins, amino acids or other nutrients associated with many health benefits. This drink has been around for more than 3000 years and is going strong!

We founded Living Liquids out of true love for the traditional craft Kombucha or as we call it also -

the ancient super drink of Future.
Our so appraised kombucha is locally handcrafted using the best quality standards and traditional methods from US and Europe as reference. Our ethics are strong and we create out of love and devotion to healthy living, care for mother Earth and all beings everywhere. Our service and quality are simply unmatched.

Take a look at our website to learn more and find the easiest way for you to get your kombucha bottles or keg, join a tasting event or order your special kombucha taster set. If you are a local business - contact us and lets set up a tasting session. 



heart centered living. heart centered business. 

After brewing Kombucha for about a decade (including while living a nomad lifestyle traveling in a van thru Central America) time came for us to share our passion and talent with Israel. When we moved here, there was no where to find kombucha. So we started our Kombucha brewery with one goal in mind: brewing healthy, tasty and creative kombucha and creating  a healthy, refreshing and fun way to enjoy a drink loaded with probiotics, antioxydants, vitamin C, & B complex, and so much more goodness! Our secret prayer has been that the kiddos also would slowly switch from unhealthy sodas to naturally fizzy, healthy and delicious kombucha and learn to make a healthier food choices...but, that's a secret.

Thanks to our experience and dedication, we’ve managed to produce a variety of unique flavors. Refreshing, vibrant  and simply unforgettable.

We are a family owned and operated environment friendly business. 


There have been days in our life when we would drive over 1 hour  to buy a good kombucha. Actually, just any kombucha. Well, the good news are that you don't have to!
We have taken on the mission to bring good and delicious kombucha to every frig in the country. And now, you can also get it delivered straight  your doorstep.

We believe that food is medicine.


What’s so Special?

Living Liquids kombucha is so much more than just a delicious and refreshing drink. For example, we structure our water, ferment our brew in glass jars and small batches to assure the best quality of kombucha. 

Because we care.


because food is medicine.


And we care about everything! Every little aspect of life, of creation, of our production process. That is who we are. 

We have a great collection of flavors elaborated through time with the generous feedback from our customers. Besides our very rich in flavor and probiotics original brew, you will come across mindblowing and exciting flavors such as beet-rose (even kids love it!), lavender, basil-rose or lychee. Our inventory has 8 stable flavors that truly allow to reach the awe for every kind of taste buds.  


We do work with special orders as well. Do you wish to create a special brew for your wedding? Birthday? Lets create it together. How fun!

 Take a look below to see our current list of products, our online store, and find our a selling location near you.

WATER KEFIR / limited offer

Our exclusive limited time edition of Water Kefir is now available to our online customers. 

Benefits of water kefir are similar to those of #kombucha. Waterkefir is based on water,  not tea. So it does not contain “caffeine” from the tea leaves.
Taste is more gentle and soft. And enchanting ✨ and naturally fizzy! 
It reminds me of #birchjuice or #birchwater from my #childhoodmemories
Just add in your order how many bottles of water Kefir you would like in the box.


This vibrant color is the gift of the beet root juice which we slow press and marry with some rose water. 
The result offers an experience of grounding with the earthiness of beets while listening to the wind playing songs of love in the petals of roses. 


One of our favorite and most exquisite brews. This fine drink is vibrant, fresh and delicious.Lavender is a highly potent plant that we cherish. This brew celebrates it very well. We use dried lavender flowers for flavoring. We find that lavender gives kombucha a deep and tickling vibe. Deliciously surprising for lovers of lavender plant.


One of our most straight forward flavors. Organic pomegranate juice in a perfect combination with our kombucha offers and sweet summery memory on our tongues. The tartness of pomegranate juice is well rounded thanks to the fizziness of kombucha. Definitely a recommended choice for the beginners of kombucha experience.


Meet our original kombucha. Each kombucha brewer has it's own signature flavor. Well, we are truly proud of ours. 

Without any additional flavoring added, great quality big leaf green tea infuses it with a rich and unforgettable flavor.  Particularly recommended for kombucha connoisseurs. 

The cool thing is that with this one bottle  - you can start growing your own kombucha at home ! Check out our blog for guidelines :) 


To learn more about our kombucha selection or distribution opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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As all our kombucha, this boutique mint kombucha is made with fresh organic mint leaves, in a "slow" way. Allowing the leaves to infuse into kombucha in a completely natural and harmonious way. 

Refreshing, awakening. And an all time best seller. 


It all starts with finding the perfect relationship between the apples and ginger. Not to firey from ginger, not to sweet from apples... And when this slow pressed juice starts its dance with kombucha, it is an ever evolving flavor. For spicey lovers -  as you keep it longer in an unopened bottle, this kombucha will be getting stronger with a warming ginger kick to it.


This unusual flavor combination has conquered the hearts and tongues of many. This flavor makes every bartender dream <3 

Fresh basil leaves and rose water has never been a go to flavor. Ready to try something new? 
Surprising and sophisticated flavor will definitely take you on an adventure of taste and sensations. And you might fall in love with it. It happened before. 



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