WATER KEFIR / special edition

Our exclusive limited time edition of Water Kefir is now also available to our online customers. 

Water Kefir is the cousin of kombucha. Using a Symbiotic culture called Tibicos, the fermentation process gifts this drink with loads of health benefits, same as kombucha. 
The main difference is that it does not contain caffeine, since it is based on filtered structured water instead of tea.

Taste is more gentle and soft. Enchanting and naturally fizzy! 
It can remind the taste of birchjuice or birchwater. 


Fruity. Delicate. Smooth. 


This vibrant color is the gift of the beet root juice which we slow press and marry with some rose water. 
The result offers an experience of grounding with the earthiness of beets while listening to the wind playing songs of love in the petals of roses. 

Earthy. Fruity. Grounding.  


One of our favorite and most exquisite brews. This fine drink is vibrant, fresh and delicious. Lavender is a highly potent plant that we cherish. This brew celebrates it very well. We use dried lavender flowers for flavoring. We find that lavender gives kombucha a deep and tickling vibe. Deliciously surprising for lovers of lavender and other herbs.

Floral. Sweet. Relaxing. 


As all our kombucha, this boutique mint kombucha is made with fresh organic mint leaves, in a "slow" way. Allowing the leaves to infuse into kombucha in a completely natural and harmonious way. 

Refreshing, awakening. 

Refreshing. Cooling. Awakening


Perfect amount of slow pressed juice fresh organic ginger root  that gives to kombucha the pungent and refreshing flavor.

Numerous health benefits of ginger bring into this bottle a true gift of nature.  

For spicey and ginger lovers -  as you keep it longer in an unopened bottle, this kombucha will be getting stronger with a warming ginger kick to it.

Pungent & Sharp. Warming. Activating


One of our most straight forward flavors. Organic pomegranate juice in a perfect combination with our kombucha offers and sweet summery memory on our tongues. The tartness of pomegranate juice is well rounded thanks to the fizziness of kombucha. Definitely a recommended choice for the beginners of kombucha experience.

Fruity. Crisp. Invigorating


Meet our original kombucha. Each kombucha brewer has it's own signature flavor. Well, we are truly proud of ours. 

Without any additional flavoring added, great quality big leaf green tea infuses it with a rich and unforgettable flavor.  Particularly recommended for kombucha connoisseurs. 

The cool thing is that with this one bottle  - you can start growing your own kombucha at home ! Check out our blog for guidelines :) 


Round. Delicate. Energizing


We can create for your a custom flavor catered to your needs and wants.  In bottles or on Tap for your Special Event.

Talk to us to find out how to start this exciting collaboration! 


Let's co-create something special just for you!

We are always excited to learn more about collaboration opportunities. Share with us your idea!

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